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Kyouka/Haruhi :squee:

o_ren_ishii in ouranhostclub

Drabble (H/K/H)

This popped into my head while working away on a K/H story. I have never, ever written one of these before :hemhem: so bear with me.

Title: N/A
Pairings: Hikaru/Kaoru/Haruhi
Rating: PG-actions. All thoughts and no actions. If twins aren't your thing, you may want to duck out.
Spoilers: Okay, there's tiny details from Volume 2,4,6,7. Because I'm obsessed with small details fleshing out fanfic. No big events alluded to in here.
Summary: Mmm. It's a drabble. Summary would totally kill it.
Reviews and comments are always welcomed. It's like Darjeeling tea and cake!

The trouble with Haruhi, the twins decide, is that she simply isn't greedy enough.

Haruhi covets only on a small scale: a few extra strawberries on a cake, a bite of the fabled ootori, a simple pair of pearl earrings. For the most part, she is content to push forward with the strength of her intelligence and convictions and see where she lands. With a natural grace, she is thoughtful towards others and almost always thoughtless about herself.

This attitude is entirely unacceptable to the Hitachiin twins, who have schooled themselves in the art of finding pleasure as flamboyantly as possible.

They try to teach their favorite toy about self-interest: they kidnap her and dress her in couture designs, they ply her with exotic treats and trinkets, they distract her away from tedious responsibility with the threat of "something fun." Something, anything to get her out from her tower of good intentions.

(Haruhi in her tower means that the world will keep trying to find her.)

One afternoon at the Host Club, Kyouya pushes at his glasses and raises an eyebrow at the twins' antics. Brotherly love has always been profitable for the club, but their recent "three flavors" strategy has sparked a new moe among the girls of Ouran Gakuen. Tamaki is less than amused at this new development.

The Hitachiin boys grin at each other in pride as Haruhi walks down the staircase for dinner, clad in one of their mother's creations. After all, they had been so very careful in getting all of her measurements exactly right.

(And here she was, coming down from her tower for them.)

Hikaru and Kaoru hold hands and watch Haruhi recede back into her apartment building, still slightly giddy from the champagne that came with dinner.

Later on that night, they'll regret (just a tiny bit, between a languid kiss or two) that Haruhi has to learn one step at a time.

The brothers hope that someday, she will be greedy enough to want the other pleasures that they can offer her.


I like the little details in this fic, how Hikaru and Kaori entice Haruhi little by little. I also like hte metaphor of Haruhi in a tower.
Thank you for the thoughts.

Like Ranka says, I think that Haruhi does have a tendency to suppress herself in terms of openly wanting for something or enjoying herself. (Which is the wall that the Host Club tries to break down for her.) She tends to look out for others more often than not, which is a tower of sorts. (Not a tower that traps a helpless maiden, but a tower that keeps her locked up from experiences.)