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Well, this is my very first fanfic drabble ever. Let's just say that being sick in bed for a week with Ouran can make a fangirl out of anyone.

Title: Plans Within Plans
Pairing: Kyouya/Haruhi (Oh man.)
Spoilers: Slight for Ep.8 / Vol.3, small plot details.
Rating: PG, I think.

Ohtori Kyouya was someone who knew the exact amount of the Ouran Host Club's financial holdings, right down to the last yen. After all, though it was Tamaki's exuberant personality that founded the Host Club, sheer exuberance did not itself translate to financial backing.

What the rest of the Host Club forgot was the fact that the seed money for the Host Club had originated from his personal investment fund, so in a way, the Ouran Host Club itself was his business endeavor. And if a certain Fujioka Haruhi happened to be an asset belonging to the Host Club, that really meant that she (by logical conclusion, of course) belonged to him. At eight million yen, Kyouka counts it as his best bargain.

Kyouya believes that knowledge is the key to properly exploiting one's assets. In his notebook and laptop, Kyouya has carefully compiled a dossier on the newest member of the Ouran Host Club. His hard drive has folders full of charming pictures from Ranka-san of a girlish Haruhi, ready to be doled out to the other club members as prizes. (Everyone seems blissfully ignorant of the fact that Kyouka holds the master copy of every picture. After all, scarcity does drive demand.) A copy of Haruhi's physical examination record lists sundry measurements, from the span of her arms to the last sniffle that she endured. He also has all of Haruhi's academic records over the years, detailing her stunning performance in commoner's schools and in Ouran Gakuen. Unseen by any eyes but his is another pie chart, detailing the amount of time that Fujioka Haruhi has spent with one Ohtori Kyouya.

So far, the pie chart is small but rather heavily weighed, consisting of a few small exchanges and one summer night at the beach.

Haruhi was wrong, in a way: Kyouya has everything to gain from her, not in yen and dollars and yuan, but rather in uncountable future nights spent in the ways that a man and a woman might. He is convinced that there is a universe of delights to be found within her, veritable currencies undreamt of by any financier. He looks at her with eyes counting these same future nights, and wonders if she has any idea of what machinations he has in store for her.

For now, Kyouya is content to stand back and take notes as Haruhi is assaulted by the combined hurricane force of the twins, and of an endlessly hysterical Tamaki. He has no need to rush himself: the twins will eventually realize that pursuing Haruhi means having to decide a winner and a loser, and Tamaki must make amends into his staidly conservative family by choosing a more propitiously-positioned wife. However, as a commoner who happens to be a brilliant rising attorney -- she would be an allowable match with a diligent and resourceful third son who has risen to be the Ohtori Company CEO...

Ohtori Kyouya has great plans for his asset. She will undoubtedly and necessarily leave Ouran as the top student of her class, and her acceptance into a suitable university will be conveniently smoothed out by a full scholarship to Balliol College in Oxford. (It will be a rather interesting coincidence that the last four generations of Ohtori men have gone onto Balliol as well.) Add a few years of polish and a partnership into a suitably prestigious firm that would (inevitably) be drawn into a merger with his company, and the world would be finally ready for the highly intelligent and warmly lovely... Ohtori Haruhi.

Kyouya always made sure to manage his assets carefully. A Wedgwood teacup precariously perched on a nearby table while Haruhi struggled to extricate herself from the twins, a lovely Issey Miyaki frock to be worn for one of Tamaki's ridiculous secret missions, all things that offset the chances of Haruhi's progressively rising popularity in actually making good with her obligation anytime soon.

Kyouya pushes at the bridge of his wire-rimmed glasses and permits himself a small and sly smile. He has his plans to attend to.

I am a hugehugehuge fan of Kyouya/Haruhi. Please feel free to point out any mistakes/editing.
Tags: fan fiction, kyouya/haruhi
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