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Ouran Koukou Host Club Community

Join or Tono will be depressed again...

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The first and largest Ouran Host Club community on LJ!

°  Welcome!  °
Welcome to ouranhostclub, one of the first and largest Ouran High School Host Club communities on LiveJournal. Whether you wish to post about the original manga by Hatori Bisco or subsequent adaptations of this wonderful series we encourage you to join us. Please note that we are shounen-ai/shoujo-ai friendly!
°  Rules  °
1. Use the lj-cut tag!
Please place all fanfiction, icons, fanart, wallpapers, large scans, large graphics, spoilers, etc. behind an lj-cut tag. This not only keeps people from being spoiled, but also saves friends' list space and downloading time! If you find your post is becoming lengthy, please use the lj-cut.

2. Wanna affiliate?
If you would like to affiliate or be linked to on this userinfo page, then just post a comment on this entry made by Munkey Ju and she'll get back to you A.S.A.P.!

3. Mind the media sharing, please! (Manga, anime, mp3s, etc.)
Since both the manga and anime have been licensed, we ask that members not supply or request links to places where they can obtain original raws or fan translations. If you have any questions about this, please ask the_edjucator.

4. Mind the double posts.
Please double check the community to make sure that what you are about to post has not already been posted. For example, we don't need three posts about the release date of the next graphic novel or multiple posts about the latest news from Japan. It is understandable if two people end up making posts about the same thing, if you notice that then kindly have the person who posted last delete their post.

5. Mind ratings and warnings on your fan works!
Please be courteous to other members of the community and place the appropriate warnings on any submissions you post. If you aren't sure what rating you should give your work, feel free to contact a moderator. Likewise, if someone has misrated a work, kindly inform them they should adjust it or notify a moderator of the post so they can have the appropriate adjustments made.
°  Links  °
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°  Disclaimer  °
Ouran Koukou Host Club is owned by Bisco Hatori and published in Hakuensha's monthly shoujo magazine LaLa. Ouran High School Host Club is the official English language title for the manga as translated by Viz, LLC for their Shoujo Beat line. Ouran High School Host club is also the officialy English language title of the animated series licensed for English translation by Funimation.

Please note that any of the content posted on the above listed websites and communities are in no way part of ouranhostclub's responsibility. We are merely affiliates and not controlers of those communities' content even though their maintainters may advertise here. We are also not overseers of the sites and links offered by regular community members and thus not responsible for their content. If you are offended by a link another member posts especially if it is spam) then please bring it to the attention of one of the moderators. Thank you~
°  Team Host Club  °
the_edjucator (formerly munkeyju) -- General Moderator and Founder
kiwimangoodness -- Head Co-Moderator and Contest Moderator
moonangel_1506 -- Graphics Tags Moderator
dystopic -- Fan Fiction and Art Tags Moderator
rabbitsix -- Public Relations Moderator
maxthebd -- Overall Drama Moderator
slythrntimelord -- Drama Moderator
rinalia -- Reserves Moderator