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Another Drabble - "On Patience"

I wish I could write something longer, but lately I've been maxing out at about 300 words, and even that's a rarity. NaNo's gonna be a joy this year...

Anyway, here it is:

Title: On Patience
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Pairing: Hunny/Haruhi

Hunny knew the others could be kind of stupid, so he stayed back, for the most part, and took his time to give them a chance.

“Haru-chan! Have some cake! It’s strawberry!”

After all, he was capable of waiting, and they probably needed this more.

“Haru-chan!” he laced his fingers with hers and tugged her after him.

But even Hunny had his limits, and he was growing impatient.

“Haruhi…” he tilted his chin up to meet the shocked girl’s lips with his own.

If they weren’t careful he was going to steal her away right out from under their noses.

Confession: I love this pairing. XD I know it squicks quite a few people, but it's one of my favorites. I get a kick out of the 'seemingly innocent and naive, but much wiser and more mature than the rest of the cast' characters. 'Cause you know he could totally get the girl if he really wanted to, but he's just that noble. =P If it's any indication, I also liked Momiji/Tohru.

Maybe I'll try to write something that's longer than my rambling next time.


Ah, you're doing NaNo too? People keep popping up everywhere this time of year... xD
Yeah, we really come out of the woodwork, don't we? XD
There's a request at Fic on Demand for a Honey-flavored piece, if you're thinking about doing another one! :)

Aw, Momiji/Tohru makes me sad, because he really deserved something of his very own, considering all the sacrifices he's made over the years, but he ended up wanting someone he couldn't have. Story of his life. :(
The whole of Fruits Basket is deceptively sad. XD 'Oh, what a cute, quaint little shojo this looks like!' Well you're WRONG! XP I have a friend who's very amused that the genre still says romance/comedy.
Aww, this was cute. I agree with franwi, Momiji makes me sad, he deserved more happiness than he got.

Also, yay for Nano! I did it last year and finished, there's no way I'll have time this year though. Good luck!
Momiji's a big ball of potentially-angsty-energy love.

Thanks. I started on a whim last year and totally failed. XD Here's hoping for a bit more success.
Haha, that's what I did two years ago... I got 1000 words down and quit. I made it last year, Thanksgiving Break saved me... 30000 words during those 5 days. Most of its crap, and I don't even want to try to read it. It was basically a plot that could have lasted 20000 words at most, that I stretched to 50000 through pure determination. But I think it's always easier the second time through, because if you try it a second time after you've already failed once, that means you're actually seriously thinking about making the effort to finish it. And then once you get to 10000, you just think, "I've already wasted a few days of my life writing 10000 words of this thing, I might as well finish." And then you do.

It is really an amazing feeling when you finish, even when you know you haven't written anything near your best work, you have 50000 words and its all yours. (Geez, I have to stop spamming you, otherwise I'll want to do it all again. I might not survive this time around.)
Y'know I sometimes wish he would just steal her. Then after having his way with her give her back to Hikaru.

I too have a fondness for this pairing, much like I did for Momiji/Tohru (but then I felt that girl should get boinked by most of the males in the Sohma family except the one she did get with).

Thanks for sharing and please do write some more. Post this at ouran_het if you want. Also, you're missing a period at the end of the first line. XD
Well, there you go.

XD I liked Kyou/Tohru when it was still the less liked pairing, but as it became more canon I kind of lost interest. which is odd, because I never considered myself an underdog shipper, but I may have to rethink that. Don't tell my Kyoru friend, she'll abandon me.

Shoot! XD -ninjaedits-

I know I've seen your the drawing/comic that your icon is from before but for the life of me I cannot place it. Help?
I wish I could tell you but I have no idea. My guess is that it might be from a FF7 doujinshi. The icon itself was made by protectra so you may want to ask her if she knows.

Sorry I can't be of more help. >_
I love Momiji/Tohru but Haruhi/Hunny was never really my thing. You pulled it off though. :)
That means a lot, then. Thanks. =)
Hee! Just wanted to say that I found this really cute!
I had no idea I liked this pairing. (I always love it when people leave comments like that on stuff I write.) I think you just made me a Haruhi/Hani shipper... *scratches head*
Found this through hetrecs. What an enjoyable drabble! I was just saying to someone that Honey/Haruhi fics are interesting because in order to make the pairing work, they pretty much have to look past Honey's surface persona.